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At FCB, we’re building the agency we always wanted to work for. With the people we always wanted to work with. Discover those who push in an agile, brave, and positive way towards a unique and incredible product every day.

Lynn-Valérie Romain
Account Director

I'm a professional cook.
AJ Poirier
Associate Creative Director

I have a fear of mascots.
Dana Hajee
Account Executive

I have an irrational fear of birds.
Adrien Pieri
Art Director

I have 400 vinyls.
Marie-Christine Lessard

I was a professional tap dancer before being a copywriter. True story.
Olivier Ventura
Art director
Laurence Ohayon
VP, General Manager

Side hustle – Travel Project Manager.
Leslie Castro
Art Director

I prefer to sit on the floor rather than on furniture. Always.
Sylvain Dufresne
VP, Head of Creative

I was Robert De Niro's "Bodyguard".
Sarah Hernandez
Project Lead

My father is French, my grandfather is Algerian and my last name is Spanish.
Médéric Sauvé
Project Lead

My TikTok FYP has mostly videos of rabbits, roller skating and tarot card readings. Crazy, right?
Justine Guillin
Account Director

For one of my first Halloween parties, my mother thought the best idea was to put me... as a salad.
Nicolas Baudry
Senior Copywriter

I once drove at 300 km/h in Kimi Räikkönen's Formula 1 car.
Erin Brown-Vandecruys
Account Director

Watches videos of people making pasta to unwind.
Michael Watier
Business Lead

Learned to play drums as a kid - ruined all my mom's furniture.
Marguerite Amiot
Resource Manager & Project Lead

I read over 100 books every year.
Carl-Hugo Poirier
Web designer

Hardcore LEGO® collector.
Isabelle Dion
Project Lead

I'm a basketball coach.
Veronica Rengel
Project Lead

I was a gymnast for 10 years and you’ll see me doing handstands when I warm up at the gym!
Olivier Laplante

I read all Stephen King books.
Lina Oliveira
Accounting & Office Manager

"I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou.